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Intercom systems are a basic part of home and business access control systems. The person who needs access to a house or premises will use the intercom system to communicate with the person they are visiting before being authenticated and granted access. The intercom system ensures that only those identified and authenticated can be given access. This prevents a situation where one will give access to people who are not supposed to be given access.  The intercom Sytem intergrate with gate motors and openers to provide centralized security access control.

Intercom systems services

Intercom System Installation

  • Installation of new home or residential Intercom Systems
  • Alterations and Upgrades
  • Intergration Systems


intercom Systems Repairs

  • Onsite Intercom Systems troubleshooting and Repairs
  • Replacements

Home intercom systems

Intercom systems for home

Hikvision Intercom Systems

We provide intercom solutions from Hikvision’s range of high-performance intercom systems products.  With IP-based, 2-wire, and 4-wire intercom systems available, Hikvision has it all.

Features includes;

  • IP video intercom: HD video, mobile app, interoperable with video security and alarm systems
  • 2-Wire video intercom: HD video, mobile app, highly compatible cabling, stable operation, easy configuration
  • 4-Wire video intercom: HD video, easy deployment
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IP Intercom systems

Hikvision’s IP Series Video Intercom System delivers a new level of convenience for a wide range of scenarios including apartments and suburban homes. The IP Series products boast great image quality, along with mobile controls, friendly touchscreens, visualized interfaces, and more.

2-Wire Intercom systems

Hikvision Two-Wire Video Intercom system includes both indoor and outdoor video intercom stations powered by a distributor that only needs two wires – one for power and one for audio/video transmission.

2 wire hd feature03 great image quality

Intercom systems for estates

Comb Communications intercom systems are Ideal for cluster complexes, town-houses, business parks, residential estates and several other access managed environments. Motsebone Technologies is an accredited installer and partner of Comb Communication Systems. We are trained and certified to provide installation and maintenance service of Comb Communications intercom systems.

Comb Communications Accredited Installer

We are trained and accredited installer of comb communications intercom Systems. Our services include;

  • New installations
  • Alterations
  • Intercom Repairs
  • Upgrades
  • Maintenance
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MKII Intercom System

A cellular network-based multi-unit intercom system that allows convenient screening of visitors at the entrance to residential or business properties before allowing access.

The MKII intercom system offers user management and administration features to maximize the functionality that GSM-based intercom systems can offer.

It is exactly this mobile and globally-based communication technology that positions the MKII at the frontier of intercom system technology

Comb intercom installer

MKII intercom system features

  • Fully integrated with CENTURION remotes
    The MKII intercom system integrates with CENTURION’s ultra-secure code-hopping remote controls. Using a MKII CENTURION Loader*, these can easily be added into the system. You can easily administer remote controls that have been learned into the system over the internet. This may include assigning them to units, selectively deleting or time-barring specific remote controls, and automatically logging remote control transmissions.
  • GSM – Global system for mobile communication
    Mobile communication has redefined the world as we know it and is integrated into every individual’s daily life. That is why a digital, mobile telephony system is the answer to efficient and effective secure, intercom systems. With the MKII there is no need for add-on modems and modules to use SIM cards. This feature also makes the MKII system less prone to lightning.
  • Mobile alert structure
    The Input Management Structure alerts complex managers, administrators and security guards via SMS when the electric fence alarm is activated and/or when the entrance or exit gate gets stuck opening. What makes this MKII feature even more unique when compared to competitor products is that it allows various settings and alert categories to match any type of installation. It is also completely programmable making it ideal for the various needs of different complexes. It also logs when the lid has been opened.
  • So easy to use!
    The MKII is user-friendly and very easy to operate and manage. No hassle, no fuss.
  • Flexibility
    The MKII intercom system allows three telephone numbers to be saved per individual unit, providing a well-received level of flexibility for both user and visitor. Security can contact residents whether they are in their house, out of town on their cellphone or landline; and residents are fully aware and in control of who is visiting. Reinforcing the flexibility and cost-efficiency of the MKII, especially for its users, is the unique PIN code access control. This allows users (complex residents) to enter one of two PIN codes per unit, upon entering the complex; enabling the resident to enter the complex without incurring additional costs for additional access control devices.
  • Time-based access control
    This feature increases the security levels necessary in multi-unit establishments such as housing complexes or estates where staff or contractors may require access on a daily basis. Conveniently, the MKII intercom system’s gate triggers can be set to only respond to certain remote controls or PIN codes during certain periods of time, such as 07h00 to 08h00 and 16h00 to 17h00, giving the complex the ability to allocate PINs and remote controls to people with limited access.

Main features

  • Quick and easy installation, no wiring other than mains supply – operates via cellular network
  • Uses new embedded SIM technology  – does not need a SIM card (SIM chip is not compatible with all networks. Please enquire.)
  • Cellphone or fixed line telephone doubles as an intercom handset and can receive calls from the gate station, and activate the entrance gate and up to two other access control devices
  • Visitor can select from up to three contact numbers per unit to call
  • Allows for visitor departure control (Free-exit facility)
  • Convenient web-based interface for system updating and reporting
  • Battery backup and built-in lightning protection
  • Robust and durable entry panel
  • CENTURION rolling code remote control integration and management§
  • Time-based access control
  • PIN code entry (two pre-programmed codes per unit)
  • Programming can be done online* or manually at the unit
  • Bulk SMS and email to complex residents
  • Individual resident reporting for phone bills and gate openings
  • Both successful and attempted only gate openings are reported
  • Unlimited, controlled access for residents
  • Ability to communicate with security personnel at the gate
  • Back-lit LCD display (double line)
  • Weatherproof enclosure suitable for outdoor or indoor environments
  • Online resident database administration
  • Quick and reliable synchronisation and firmware updating
  •  Both successful and attempted only gate openings are recorded§Built into the MKII requires optional CENTURION rolling code receiver with MKII firmware, as well as the MKII CENTURION Loader, both of which are available from Centurion Systems
    *requires a web access voucher

Report system capabilities

  • Gate Access Report
    Gate access operations i.e. the number dialled, PIN codes used, remote controls used, as well as the time, date and description of the gate opening.
  • Telephone Usage Report
    Distributes the total monthly cost billed to you by your cellular service provider on a per second basis, according to each unit’s call usage. This report provides the unit’s number, total call duration in seconds, unit’s overall system usage and the total amount due from each unit.
  • Audit Report per Complex
    A complete report of edits or changes made to a unit’s record during a specific period. The report records the date and time of change, who made it, as well as the action performed and the unit affected.


MK II NS (No SIM/GSM) smart intercom, the next-generation access control solution is designed to revolutionize the way you communicate. With its advanced Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology, the MK II NS allows you to make crystal-clear phone calls over the Internet, ensuring seamless connectivity and uninterrupted communication, even in the event of cellular network provider failures. The MK II NS is compatible with our MyComb Mobile app which allows you to open your gate and easily generate TAP-TAP codes.

Whether you’re managing a cluster complex, townhouses, business parks, residential estates or any other access-managed environment, the MK II NS is the perfect solution for you. Its intuitive design and advanced features make it easy to use and highly effective, giving you complete control and flexibility over your access management system.

Tab-Tab Keypad

When it comes to managing an access controlled environment, the ability to allow temporary access PINs for guests of an estate, business park or organisation can largely ease and automate traffic around access points.

Requesting both entry and exit temporary access PINs via SMS and communicating these to the prospective visitors, means the visitors can enter these TAP’s via a remote wired keypad or on the Intercom itself. The entire mechanism is secure and provides an audit trail via Comb Portal.

Furthermore the temporary pins can be obtained by residents using only an SMS from anywhere, therefore no internet is required.

tab tab keypad

Vehicle and Driver License Scanner

With a growing demand for more comprehensive IoT solutions in the Access management space, Comb have developed the software platform to ensure your scanner is not only as efficient as it could be from a functional point-of-view, but simple to use.

license disc scanner

Why Every Midrand Residential Community Needs an Intercom System

Welcome to the digital age, where security is a top priority for every residential community. In the bustling metropolis of Midrand, ensuring the safety of residents is paramount. This is why every Midrand residential community needs an intercom system – the key to staying connected and secure.

Imagine this: You’re expecting a delivery, but you’re not home. With an intercom system in place, you can grant access to the entrance gate remotely, ensuring your package is safely delivered. Plus, it’s not just about packages. An intercom system allows you to control who has access to your community, adding an extra layer of protection against potential trespassers.

But that’s not all. An intercom system also promotes a sense of community and belonging. Residents can easily communicate with one another, making it convenient for playdates, neighborhood events, or simply checking in on your neighbors.

At [Brand Name], we understand the importance of security and connectivity. That’s why we offer top-of-the-line intercom systems tailored to the needs of Midrand residential communities. With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, you can stay connected and secure in the fast-paced digital world we live in.

Benefits of Intercom Systems in Residential Communities

Intercom systems offer numerous benefits for residential communities. One of the primary advantages is enhanced security. With an intercom system, residents have control over who enters the community and can grant access remotely. This ensures that only authorized individuals are allowed in the premises, reducing the risk of trespassing and unauthorized access.

In addition to security, intercom systems also provide convenience and ease of communication. Residents can easily communicate with each other without leaving their homes. Whether it’s coordinating playdates for children, organizing neighborhood events, or simply checking in on your neighbors, an intercom system facilitates seamless communication within the community.

Moreover, intercom systems promote a sense of community and belonging. By enabling easy communication and interaction between residents, these systems foster a friendly and connected environment. Neighbors can get to know each other better, forge friendships, and create a strong community bond.

Ensuring Security with Intercom Systems

When it comes to security, an intercom system plays a vital role in safeguarding residential communities. With advanced features such as video surveillance and access control, these systems act as a deterrent to potential intruders and enhance overall security measures.

Video surveillance allows residents to visually verify the identity of visitors before granting access. This feature provides an extra layer of protection against unauthorized entry. Additionally, access control ensures that only authorized individuals can enter the community premises. Residents can easily grant or deny access remotely, adding an additional level of security.

Furthermore, intercom systems can be integrated with other security measures such as CCTV cameras and alarm systems. This integration creates a comprehensive security network that ensures the safety of residents and their properties.

Convenience and Ease of Communication


In addition to security, intercom systems offer unparalleled convenience and ease of communication within residential communities. With just a press of a button, residents can communicate with each other without leaving their homes.

For instance, if you’re expecting guests, you can easily notify them of your arrival without having to go down to the entrance gate. This saves time and effort, making the process of communication more efficient.

Intercom systems also facilitate quick and easy coordination of activities within the community. Whether it’s organizing neighborhood events, arranging playdates for children, or discussing important community matters, residents can easily communicate and stay informed.

Furthermore, intercom systems can be integrated with smartphones and other mobile devices, enabling residents to receive calls from the entrance gate regardless of their location. This ensures that residents can always stay connected and informed, even when they are away from home.

Types of Intercom Systems for Residential Communities


When it comes to choosing an intercom system for a residential community in Midrand, there are several options available. The type of system chosen depends on the specific needs and requirements of the community.

1. Wired Intercom Systems: These systems are connected through physical wiring, providing a stable and secure communication network. Wired intercom systems are suitable for larger residential communities where long-distance communication is required.

2. Wireless Intercom Systems: As the name suggests, these systems operate wirelessly, utilizing radio frequencies or Wi-Fi for communication. Wireless intercom systems are easy to install and are ideal for smaller residential communities or buildings where running wires might be a challenge.

3. Video Intercom Systems: These systems incorporate video surveillance in addition to audio communication. Video intercom systems allow residents to visually verify the identity of visitors before granting access. This added layer of security is particularly beneficial for residential communities with higher security requirements.

4. IP Intercom Systems: IP intercom systems utilize internet protocol technology for communication. These systems offer advanced features such as remote access control and integration with other security systems. IP intercom systems are suitable for larger residential communities where advanced security measures are necessary.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Intercom System


When selecting an intercom system for a Midrand residential community, several factors should be taken into consideration. These factors ensure that the chosen system meets the specific needs and requirements of the community.

1. Security Requirements: Assess the security needs of the community and choose an intercom system that aligns with those requirements. Consider features such as video surveillance, access control, and integration with other security systems.

2. Size of the Community: Determine the size of the residential community to determine the type of intercom system required. Larger communities may benefit from wired intercom systems, while smaller communities may find wireless systems more suitable.

3. Ease of Use: Choose an intercom system that is user-friendly and easy to operate. Residents should be able to navigate the system without difficulty to ensure seamless communication.

4. Integration Capabilities: Consider whether the intercom system can be integrated with other security systems such as CCTV cameras, alarm systems, or smartphone applications. Integration allows for a comprehensive security network.

5. Scalability: If the residential community is expected to grow in the future, choose an intercom system that is scalable. This ensures that the system can accommodate additional users and features as the community expands.

Installation and Maintenance of Intercom Systems

The installation and maintenance of intercom systems require professional expertise to ensure optimal performance and longevity. It is advisable to enlist the services of experienced technicians who specialize in intercom system installation.

During the installation process, technicians will assess the layout of the residential community and determine the best locations for intercom units. They will also install wiring or configure wireless connections, depending on the type of system chosen.

Regular maintenance is essential to keep the intercom system in proper working condition. This includes testing the audio and video quality, ensuring all connections are secure, and replacing any faulty components. Regular maintenance visits by professional technicians can help identify and resolve any potential issues before they escalate.          

Enhancing Community Engagement with Intercom Systems

Apart from security benefits, intercom systems also play a crucial role in enhancing community engagement within residential communities. These systems facilitate easy communication and interaction between residents, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.

Residents can easily organize neighborhood events, such as barbecues, game nights, or community clean-up days, through the intercom system. This promotes socialization and strengthens community ties.

Additionally, intercom systems enable residents to share important community information and announcements efficiently. Whether it’s notifying residents of upcoming maintenance work or sharing updates on community initiatives, the intercom system ensures that residents are well-informed.

By providing a platform for effective communication, intercom systems encourage collaboration and active participation among residents. This creates a vibrant and thriving community environment where everyone feels connected and valued.

The Importance of Intercom Systems in Midrand Residential Communities


Intercom systems are an essential component of every Midrand residential community. These systems offer a wide range of benefits, including enhanced security, convenience, and community engagement.

By implementing an intercom system, residents can ensure the safety of their community by controlling access to the premises and visually verifying visitors. The convenience of communication within the community allows residents to easily coordinate activities, stay connected, and foster a strong sense of belonging.

When choosing an intercom system, factors such as security requirements, community size, ease of use, integration capabilities, and scalability should be considered. Professional installation and regular maintenance are crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the system.

With the right intercom system in place, Midrand residential communities can thrive in the digital age, staying connected and secure in the fast-paced world we live in. At Motsebone Technologies, we understand the importance of security and connectivity, and we offer top-of-the-line intercom systems tailored to the needs of Midrand residential communities. 

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