Choosing the right garage door motor in South Africa can be a tricky excercise. With so many brand which are all claimign to be the best, one can get really confused as to which garage door motor to choose. We take a moment to look at most polular garage door motors in South Africa . Below are some popular and reputable garage door motor brands that are generally well-regarded regarded and used in South Africa.

1. Centurion garage door motors


Centurion is a well-known brand in South Africa, offering a range of automation solutions, including garage door motors. Centurion garage door motor are seprated in to models, SD04 and RDO II

Centurion SD04 garage door motor

Centurion SDO4 SMART is a tip-up and sectional garage door motor


  • Connecting you to convenience with smartphone integration
  • Redefining the installation experience with the easiest and most intuitive electronic and mechanical commissioning of any garage motor in the SDO4’s class
  • Always-on reliability
  • Advanced safety and obstruction-detection technology for more peace of mind
  • Adjustable speed on tip-up doors
  • Compatible with Photon SMART wireless beams – easier and more cost-effective than ever before to fit safety beams
  • The ultimate in flexibility with programmable IOs
  • App-based management of remote controls
  • Industry-leading security features including tamper detection and intelligent door status monitoring
garage door motors


Centurion RDO II garage door motor

Centurion RDO II garage door motor is a domestic roll-up garage door motor.


  • Main Features.
  • Battery backup.
  • Strong lifting capability.
  • Whisper-quiet operation.
  • Anti-crushing protection.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Wall-mounted controller with Courtesy Light.
  • Onboard multichannel code-hopping receiver: – Open/close garage door. – Switch Courtesy Light on and off. – Override automatic closing. – Electronically lock the system for added security.
  • Compatible with CENTURION infrared safety beams.
rdo ii

2. digidoor garage door motors

DigiDoor is another South African brand that specializes in garage door automation. They have various models catering to different needs.

digi i garage door motor

Featuring a powerful lifting capacity, this reliable and affordable automation system is ideal for all types of sectional garage doors. Supplied standard with 2 Digi-E-key transmitters (with secure Keeloq® technology) as well as electronic obstacle sensing and manual override


digi 6 garage door motor

DIGI 6 is a sectional garage door motor. This exceptionally versatile automation system is easy to maintain and boasts a number of class-leading features:


  • Powerful and economical 24Vdc – 600N motor
  • Dual sensor position sensing
  • Simple to install – parts and accessories included
  • Quiet and reliable operation
  • Bright LED light with low power consumption
  • Hydro reliability and product back-up
  • Includes 2 Digi-E-key code-hopping remote controls
  • Advanced adjustable obstacle sensing technology
digi6 hyfrodoors 1

digidoor 7 garage door motor

Digidoor 7 garage door motor is a domestic roll-up garage door motor.


  • Automatic closing function
  • Maintenance warning alarm
  • Battery back-up
  • L.E.D off delay time setting
  • Soft stop function during operation
  • Battery back-up (Optional)


ET Nice is a brand that provides a variety of access automation solutions, including garage door motors. They are known for their reliability.



  • RELIABLE OPERATION through advanced door load
    profi ling
  • TRUE BATTERY BACK-UP (operator not battery
  • BRIGHT LED courtesy light
  • ET Blue Mix© Receiver (Unhackable &
  • Door Alarm Monitoring
  • Safety Beam Monitoring
  • Electric lock control feature
  • Holiday lock-out
dc blue advanced roll up 3

dc blue advanced


DC advance comprises of three different models each designed to fit a particular requirements

DC Advanced pico

  • esigned for residential sectional overhead and trackless tip-up garage doors of up to 10m2

DC Advanced

  • Designed for residential sectional overhead and trackless tip-up garage doors of up to 15m2
dc blue advanced 3 1


Gemini is a popular brand in South Africa, offering garage door motors and other access control systems. The GEMINI 24V Garage Door Motor is a self-contained unit which comprises of a single 24V DC motor that drives a maintenance free chain through a worm gear assembly. There is a bronze gear fitted inside the garage door motor which in turn improves the quality and reliability.


GEMINI Garage Door Motors can be used on sectional, Tip up or roll up type garage doors. Various standard or custom made sectional extrusion lengths are available. Specialized Roll up door stabilizers are available in single and double door kits. All GEMINI extrusions carry a factory guarantee of 2 years on the mechanical parts and 1 year on the harness. DMI Engineering offers repairs on all manufactured GEMINI garage door motor extrusions. Replacement parts are also readily available.

When selecting a garage door motor, consider factors such as the type and weight of your garage door, security features, ease of use, and warranty. Additionally, contact us for professional help. We can help you make an informed decision based on your specific requirements. It’s recommended to speak with our experts, and compare features before making a purchase to ensure compatibility with your garage door and security needs. Click here and leave your details for free consulting and quotation.


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